Jake bullock valley 08 flat169

I started writing a little story for this one, but it turns out, I am not a good writer, so here's the gist:
-We have used most, if not all of the natural resources on the planet: Oil, Gas, Coal.
-Looming shapes appears in the sky and drop thousands of machines across the planet.
-They start pumping "something" out of the planet and into whatever is hovering in the upper atmosphere.
-They've been here for a few years by this point. They don't seem aggressive, but we can't work out what they're doing, no matter how much we study them.

Bit of an experiment with kitbashing and photobashing here. Lots of Blender + Paintovers.
These kits especially were really useful:
Oled Ushenok;'s free kitbash kits: https://gumroad.com/olegushenok
Gaëlle Seguillon's Iceland pack: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/library/DK2/1436/iceland-landscape-pack