Astral Switch
Jake bullock astralswitch01 cover
Jake bullock astralswitch02 colourscriptsketches
Jake bullock astralswitch03 colourscript
Jake bullock astralswitch10 platforms
Jake bullock astralswitch11 platform2
Jake bullock astralswitch12 platform3
Jake bullock astralswitch13 platform4
Jake bullock astralswitch14 platform5
Jake bullock astralswitch15 platform6
Jake bullock astralswitch04 lvlart
Jake bullock astralswitch05 explodedlvlart

Layered level art allowing for parralax, shown below

Jake bullock parralaxdemo
Jake bullock astralswitch09 platformall
Jake bullock astralswitch20 screenshots4
Jake bullock astralswitch21 credits

Some of my work (Concept and Environment Art) from the development of Astral Switch - A tablet platformer, coming soon!

Character Art By Chris Hircock:
GUI By Amy Read:
Additional Art By Chris Ginder:

Production By Richie O'Hara

Level and Narrative Design By Jack Palmer:
Design By Wei Tung Lee

Programming By Rommy Barriga
Programming By Joel Page:
Programming By Joseph Veck: